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Top Tips for Sellers in 2016

January 25, 2016 10:01 am

If selling your home is on your 2016 Resolution list, here's some advice to put to good use. When aiming for a Start Date, we often miscalculate the time it takes to get ready. My suggestion is to start boxing items as you do your spring cleaning. It does make a difference.'s Top Tips for Sellers in 2016

1. List during prime-buying season.®’s data shows that the prime home buying season usually begins in April and reaches a peak in June. “Sellers who list their home during the prime spring and summer months benefit from a larger population of buyers and potential bidding wars, which often result in higher prices and faster closings,” according to®’s report.

2. Price to sell. Home prices nationwide are expected to rise 3 percent year-over-year, with a few markets like Stockton, Calif., and Las Vegas expected to see a whopping 10 percent increase this year alone. Home sellers would be wise to take their local REALTOR®’s advice to price their home adequately for the market and based on comparables.

3. Consider an incentive. Is there something extra a seller could throw in to entice buyers? Sellers who are open to negotiate beyond just price may find more success in hooking a buyer. Thirty-seven percent of all sellers offered some type of an incentive last year.

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