Kris Grimes
Kris Grimes
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November 9, 2015 9:49 am

Our wet Fall weather is wreaking havoc with the trees. Every day we hear about another tree falling and causing damage to homes and cars. Sadly, some of the trees also cause casualties. 

So, who is responsible for tree removal and damages?
When your healthy tree keels over on the neighbor's property, the neighbor is responsible. 
However, when your dead tree falls on your neighbor's house or car, you will be held responsible for the damages and removal.  

Allowing a dead tree to exist on your property is called 'negligence'. The County as well as your HOA may levy fines against you. 

Yes, tree removal by a reputable, insured, and bonded tree removal company can be pricey. Having to buy a new car and/or replace a roof is actually worse and let's not talk about the hassle involved. 

It pays to be a Good Neighbor!

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